Long Talks:

Dominik Kwietniak

Tanja Schindler, Title: Limit Theorems for a class of unbounded observables with an application to "Sampling the Lindelöf hypothesis"

Abstract: Many limit theorems in ergodic theory are proven using the spectral gap method. So one of the main ingredients for this method is to have a space on which the transfer operator has a spectral gap. However, most of the classical spaces, like for example the space of Hölder or quasi-Hölder function or BV functions don't allow unbounded functions. We will give such a space which allows observables with a pole at the fixed points of a piecewise expanding interval transformation and state a quantitativecentral limit theorem using Edgeworth expansions. As an application we give a sampling result for the Riemann-zeta function over a Boolean type transformation. This is joint work with Kasun Fernando.

Maciej Wojtkowski, Title: Arithmetic properties of some rotations and interval maps via linear "recurrencies"

Abstract: Download the abstract in PDF

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